Toyota Corolla Commercial

Project Details

Client: Joe Media Group Inc (for Toyota Prairie Dealers)
Project Brief: Build interior and exterior sets for a commercial being shot in under 2 days.

Hours to build

This was a last minute project that came to us when the original set builder fell through just days before the scheduled shoot. We only had 36 hours to acquire materials, build, and deliver the entire set, which we pulled off just in the nick of time.

The set consisted of a bedroom, with crown moulding and a double hung window on one wall and a full ceiling panel, and the exterior front door of a country house with clapboard siding.

Construction consisted of typical wood film flats, with custom work to accommodate antique wooden windows provided by the creative agency. Originally specified to include mullions, a last minute change required us to remove the glass and framing, and re-glaze a fresh pane of glass into the window.

Behind the Scenes

Final Product